About Us


Given the joy of Märklin's HO model railway at the age of 6, Adi turned his interest at around 10 towards plastic model kits in various scales and topics like military and aircrafts. Since around 2000 he started building RC model trucks and recently, together with the others ships in 1:72.


Benny started at the age of approximately 7 with building 1:72 aircraft models and continued this for most of his live. Only after his master degree in chemistry he got interested in RC model ships of the same scale but due to an inherent lack of time still gets nowhere. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and currently works at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. His other hobbies include photography, sports and sailing. Like Adi and Luke he served in the Mob Flab Lwf Bttr I/4 of the Swiss Air Force.


Lukas 's first model projects where build roughly at age 12 (rc gliders). Later additions where more and larger gliders, prop planes (gas) and self-builds of a sail boat and a submarine (at age 16 - i did not ever finish it because of missing expertise in fibercoating the hull, but i am still pretty convinced it would have worked, conceptionally). After a break, i resumed with electro gliders and prop planes. Current running project is an Engel Akula class submarine and flying a tbs discovery fpv quadrocopter. After my studies in chemistry I started an internet company at which i have worked at for the past 17 years. My other hobbies are photography, sailing and tending to my wife.