After finishing a little military project (Quad Gun Tractor) I would like to share with you the progress of building a Flower-class corvette.

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Approximately 2 years ago I saw the old Revell kit of HMCS Snowberry. I was immediately hooked for this model. Due to a fortunate coincidence Revell recently reissued the Kit as a platinum edition. After another 9 Months of I finally brought myself to acquire the kit.

In Mai 2013 I got hold the kit in hands at least. Three weeks later the complete set of upgrades from GLS(Great Little Ships) arrived from the UK also. The only obstacle for building now is time.


The kit:



The accessory:


On the picture all PE, resin and casted parts of the GLS upgrades are depicted. The first impression is misleading, it consists of more than 1000 parts!

The propeller is also from the UK (http://www.prop-shop.co.uk/) and shall be driven by a 4mm shaft.





The books are very informative and the numerous details described and depicted are hardly feasible in this scale model.

The model shall be built as a RC model with various additional functions.