In the past months I was already assiduously building. The hull which consists of four parts was put together and in order to stabilize the joints reinforced using 2 component epoxy resin. Also the stern tube was fitted in that step. The the original keel of the original kit was sanded down. However the final sanding of the hull will only take place once I have added the decks in order to have to do this painstaking thing only once.

The rudder block in the stern was fitted with a brass tube and also reinforced with epoxy.

Finally I built a gearbox from aluminium and brass axles. For propulsion I settled for a Speed 400 from Graupner. The transmission ratio is 1:3 and with 6V of voltage should yield a max of 2000 rpm. For the gearbox I have chosen steel gears Modul 0.5 and a ceramic ball bearing from Conrad. The hole box was assembled in a modular design so that a could mount a ground plate with epoxy and put and remove the gear box with 2 screws only.


Some pictures: