Acquiring the details of my GLS sets seduced me to build one of the smaller sets namely the oval Carley floats. The set is really well done and are good fun to build.

First the ovals were cleaned and sanded then the 4 parts of the grating were cut out and sanded and the joint by superglue. The fitting of the grating to the ovals was slightly more difficult and some adjustments to the resin part required until the grating could be glued to the exact position.

In the next step the 4 paddles were assembled which turned out to be somewhat a fiddling. After cutting out the holms had to be flattened to have the same thinness as the blades in the end. Now the gap could be done with a fine rasp and finally the two parts were soldered together and sanded afterwards.

2.5 hours of work for 2 out of 8 floats with 4 of 16 paddles done.









True Colours

This weekend I did not have much time to work on Campanula as I went to visit two scale model exhibitions. However, instead I could acquire some parts that were on my wish list for some time. And also I got some bargains I could not resist, namely Revell’s 1/72 S-100 fast attack boat together with PE from Eduard.

At home I started my compressor for some airbrushing and making some colour samples.




Carley Life Float

This weekend I finished one of the Carley life floats. The painting consists of base coat, medium sea grey, gloss varnish, washing and semi-gloss varnish.

After the paint came the more tedious part: the rigging. First I knotted to 14 short pieces of 0.25mm whipping twine an eye which was fixed to the float by small drop of superglue. Then the two ring cords, which serf as handles, were knotted.

As the knots would have been too think they were done with the thinnest twine I found in a sewing store. (Remark by the poor bloke doing this bloody translation: forgive me but I have to look up every second f%*/ word even though I am sailing…)


Some pictures: