Around 2001-2002 Revell reissued an old Matchbox kit featuring a Second World War flower-class corvette in the 1:72 scale. During my PhD I acquired one of these boxes and also started building a RC controlled model. At the time I wanted it to become USS Saucy (PG-65), one of the two possible versions of the kit, the other one being the famous HMCS Snowberry (K166).

At the time I fitted only a rudimentary running gear and build and painted the hull and part of the deck. I even got it into the water for initial tests. Due to my education, overseas stay and so forth I did not have time to continue the project. However spring 2012 I rediscovered the halfway build model and thought I give it another try.

My first step was to strip it from its basic running gear and also applied some epoxy resin to seal the hull as it turned out to be a bit leaky after all those years. Next I installed some wooden frame for later deck installation and reinstalled the running gear. This time properly mounted on some wooden sockets. However I managed to screw up my motors gear box and was forced to rebuild it. Thanks to my dad’s expertise this was possible in relative short time. Also I cast a resin block for my rudder to replace the earlier wooden one.

Here some pictures of those works just mentioned:

IMG 3982

The striped hull

IMG 4041

The new gear box

IMG 4037

...built in.

IMG 4035

My dad...

IMG 4043

The new running ...

IMG 4044

...and steering gear.