Dive! Dive! Dive!

Yes, time to go below the surface… well for the moment at least in my imagination. I bought a kit from Engel for a submarine model of a Class 212A of the German navy’s newest type of submarines.

It is in 1:70 which is 3% off my usual 1:72 scale, but never mind we will just ignore this difference as my boss is more than 3% taller than me ;-)

Here some pictures of the kit:


IMG 3986

IMG 3987

IMG 3988

The Innner Parts

This weekend I started with the dive tank and the electronics. I had to pay for my lacking knowledge regarding soldering but in the end succeeded to put together the whole electronics at last. And best of all and fully unexpected: it worked!

Next will be the assembly of the stern section… but that will be next weekend.

Some pictures:

IMG 4024

IMG 4022

IMG 4023

IMG 4021

IMG 4025

IMG 4026

IMG 4027

Running Lights

I decided that my 212 should have lights as it should have according to SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea). The goal is to activate the lights by a free servo channel.

For submarines the running lights are naturally situated at the turret as the rest of the boat is on the waterline. Even though the boat is more than 50m it has only one toplight. This however bears the danger that speed and size of the boat is underestimated at night by other vessels. Therefore the boat has an additional orange/yellow flasher 1m above the toplight (1.5-1.7Hz).

On the pictures below the intended lights can be seen:



Stern Bulkhead

Finally I almost finished the stern section of U35. The construction of the steering mechanics was a bit tedious and I did not yet check the sealing of the stern bulkhead.


IMG 4576

IMG 4577

IMG 4578