Planking the hull.

After having the ribs and keel installed we staretd planking the hull by mounting side planks of 4mm thick plywood pieces to the side and 5mm wide plywood strips (1mm) for most of the other parts of the hull. Next we will shape the bow out foam parts and we have to sort out some details in the bow regions.

 DSC 4787


DSC 4788


Starting with the hull...

After receiving the laser cut ribs we first reinforced a plank with aluminum and the thoroughly mounted the ribs and the keel. The stern rib was doubled and fixed with screws.

DSC 9759

 DSC 9778

 DSC 9812

The beginnings...

We are planning to build a 1:72 scale model of LPD HMS Ocean (L12). Currently we, that means Adi, is preparing the CAD data for laser cutting. Keep posted and look how our biggest project evolves.