First things first. We initially acquired the 1/96 drawings for the Ton-class minesweeper HMS Nurton from JecobinPlans and let them scan at Copytrend in Basel.

In a second step the plans were rescaled by us using Photoshop and a reference line (20cm) added to verify the scale of the printouts. Plans were then printed also at Copytrend in Basel.


The rescaled and verified scans were then also used for CAD transfer. They were, after inverting them, placed as a background picture in AutoCAD. Then the rib-halfs and also the keel were redrawn and a spacer added as a distance to the slip. The ribs were also reduced by the width of the later planking (1mm).


We acquired our wood for the ribs and keel (birch air plywood) from We use 1mm for the bow section of the keel and 3mm for the rest of the keel. The ribs were cut from 4mm plywood. For the planking we got 1mm balsa which we cut in strips of 10-15mm.

The keel and ribs were lasered from our CAD plans by LaserWorld. On the picture below you can see the resulting ribs and keel already prepared for mounting on the slip.

IMG 4641