The next step was mounting the ribs and keel on the slip. This turned out to be fairly easy with some good ideas from Adi. On the picture you see the lasered ribs and keel mounted on our slip:

IMG 4648IMG 4649

With the hull skeleton fully assembled on the slip we proceeded to planking the hull. For planking we used 1mm balsa wood which turned out to be nice regarding its flexibility but a rather bad idea as it is not as stable as other woods. We will likely use a different wood in the next hull we build. The strip width was around 50-75mm.

IMG 4656DSC 0873

Planking turned out a bit more demanding but progress was good and we rapidly arrived to the point where we realized that some sections are more complicated and we applied two different solutions to port and starboard. This of course, after an intense discussion using “hammering” arguments.

DSC 0882DSC 0876

Never the less, after having another afternoon laughing and having fun we finally had the hull fully planked and applied a first coating of epoxy in order to give it more stability.

DSC 0884DSC 0887